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Celebrate this Eid with our luxury gifting options of handmade Eid Chocolates, Gourmet Dates, Luxury Eid Chocolate Gift Boxes and exquisite Eid Gift Hampers and Gift Baskets for all your Personal & Corporate Gifting requirements in Dubai.

Chocobrosia’s Customized Eid Gift Boxes & Eid Gift Hampers will elevate your gifting this season!


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and Dates Gift Box for Eid

Eid Mubarak Date Boxes

Gourmet Dates such as Medjool, Khidri and Sakari  stuffed with premium nuts such as pistachio and macadamia, delicately baked ma'amoul, and uniquely crafted special Eid chocolates come together to form a uniquely crafted Eid-al-Adha menu by Chocobrosia.

Our Eid collection offers a delectable flavor profile to celebrate Eid-al-Adha with luxurious Eid gifts such as Luxury Date Gift Boxes for family, friends, corporate clientele & business associates.


All our chocolates are eggless, alcohol-free, and most importantly handmade in small batches with real couverture chocolate (no hydrogenated fats!)

Ramadan Gift Box with dates and chocolates for corporate giftings during Ramadan, Iftar and Eid

Looking for Eid Gift Ideas?

Embark upon a gourmet journey to discover the perfect Eid Gift ideas with our Eid chocolates, gourmet date boxes, luxury Eid Gift Hampers and more!

Celebrate this Eid with Chocobrosia’s tasteful Eid Gifts in Dubai. Chocobrosia has crafted a wide range of  Eid Chocolate Gift Boxes which are a blend of artisan indulgence and traditional gifting. We also offer Eid Gift Hampers which are replete with with Middle Eastern goodies including gourmet dates, chocolate bonbons, premium nuts, baklawa, ma'amoul cookies, olive oils, organic nut butters and more.


Elevate your Eid Gifts this season by sharing Chocobrosia’s stunning Chocolate Gift Boxes and Eid Gift Hampers with family, friends and business associates. As a Personal Gift or Corporate Eid Gift, our exquisite gift boxes will be an unforgettable memento of your love and affection.

Discover our collection of Eid chocolate boxes, Eid date boxes and Gift Hamper Baskets that will make the perfect Eid Gift for clients, colleagues, friends, family and more!

Below is a sneak peak of Chocobrosia’s Eid Gift sets and Luxury Eid Gift boxes that enunciates style, luxury and good taste.

Eid gift box with dates and chocolates for Eid gifting

Eid in a Box

AED 153 Onwards

Date trays and date arrangements for Eif gifting and Ramadan gifting

Eid Trays

AED 109 Onwards

Eid gift box with dates and chocolates for Eid gifting

Signature Eid Gift Box

AED 72 Onwards

(Assortment of dates & chocolates)

(Assortment of  dates)

(Assortment of dates & biscuits)


Elegant Eid Gift Box

AED 54 Onwards

Eid gift box with dates and chocolates for Eid gifting

Royal Eid Gift Box

AED 149 Onwards

Eid Gift Basket

AED 109 Onwards

(Assortment of 10 dates or chocolates)

(Assortment of 36 dates or chocolates)

Luxury Eid Hamper Eid Gift Basket with gourmet dates, chocolates and premium products.jpg

(Eid Gift Hampers)

Date & Chocolate Gift Box for Eid gifting , Corporate Eid Gifts & customized Eid gifts

Jewel Eid Gift Box

AED 139 Onwards

Eid gift box with dates and chocolates for Eid gifting

Classic Eid Gift Box

AED 43 Onwards

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Treasure Eid Gift Box

AED 110 Onwards

(Assortment of 18 dates & chocolates)

(Assortment of 9 dates or chocolates)

(Assortment of 20 dates or chocolates)

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Eid Hampers, Corporate Eid Hamper, Eid Gift Baskets, VIP Eid Hampers, Healthy Eid Hampers, Eid Al Adha hamper, Chocolate and Date hampers, Customized Corporate hampers

Shop Eid Mubarak Gift Baskets 

When you can’t choose from our chocolate collection and premium dates, the Chocobrosia gift hamper is the way to go! With something for everyone, from handmade chocolates to premium nuts, to gourmet dates, ma'amouls (date biscuits) and olive oil, our hamper is sure to be the most coveted gift this Eid!


All our chocolates are eggless, alcohol-free, and most importantly handmade in small batches with real couverture chocolate (no hydrogenated fats!)


Best Ramadan Gifts for corporate gifting

Corporate Eid Gifts 

Celebrate this holy month with Eid gifts for clients, employees, colleagues and more! Send Eid wishes to your Business Associates by curating a customized corporate chocolate gift with Chocobrosia.

Whether it is customizing the chocolates or arranging a customized Eid gift box or gift hamper (you can curate the gift hamper with your products too!); our team of designers can work with your marketing/branding team to customize the perfect corporate gift.

Eid Gifts for Employee Giveaways 

Eid gift box with stuffed dates for corporate gifting
Eid gift box with stuffed dates for corporate gifting or personal gifting
Small Eid gift box for corporate gifting or personal gifting

An office party or Eid dinner is incomplete without a sweet return gift. With Chocobrosia, we have you covered withour affordable yet stunning Eid Gift Boxes.

Elegant Eid Gift Box

Classic Eid Gift Box

Petite Eid Gift Box

(Assortment of 10 dates)

AED 69 Onwards

(Assortment of 9 dates)

AED 39 Onwards

AED 25 Onwards

(Assortment of 5 dates)

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Handmade Gourmet Chocolates

Handmade couverture chocolates in Dubai
Mint Chocolate Chip

Refreshing mint infused white chocolate ganache with chocolate chips cradled in a dark chocolate shell adorned with a mint leaf.

Handmade couverture chocolates in Dubai
Almond Croissant

Indeed an 'almond croissant' encapsulating a creamy ganache with roasted almond pieces.

Handmade couverture chocolates in Dubai
Mocha Chocolate

Smooth chocolate-coffee cream surrounded by milk chocolate and generously sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Shop online Eid gifts for delivery in Dubai

Send Eid gift sets and Eid chocolates in Dubai with Chocobrosia! During Eid, the spirit of togetherness and the spirit of giving are paramount. Eid gifting is a beautiful gesture and a token for Eid gatherings and Eid parties, especially when the Eid gifts are Customized Date Gift Boxes, Eid date gifts, Eid Chocolate Gift Boses with Ma'amoul (date cookies), stuffed dates and more.

Our Eid gift boxes are filled with handmade chocolates and exquisitely nutritious dates, adding the perfect flavor and joy to your Eid celebrations. So order now with Chocobrosia and say ‘Eid Mubarak’ in style!

Corporate Eid Gifts in Dubai

Branded Chocolate Gifts are the perfect stand out Eid Dates and Chocolate Gifts this season! Your Ramadan and Eid Gifting needs will be handled with personalized attention as our seasoned gifting expert will guide you through our various Corporate Eid Gifting options, with a clear focus on your Corporate identity and budget.
Chocobrosia offers Premium 'Eid Mubarak' Gift Boxes and Eid Chocolate/Date Gift Baskets to wow your clients, business associates and employees.
Call us on +971558097522 and help us take care of all your gifti
ng needs!

Send Online Eid Gifts to your loved ones in Dubai

If you are you looking for the best 'Eid Mubarak' gifts to send your loved ones and/or business associates in UAE, Chocobrosia has the perfect date gifts and chocolate gift options for you! Our Eid Gift Boxes come in all shapes, sizes and budgets, so nothing stops you from gifting your loved ones something special. Whether you are on the lookout for that Perfect, Customized Corporate Eid Gift in Dubai, Eid party gift ideas in Dubai, Eid Business Gifts, Gourmet Date Gifts and Chocolate gifts, Eid Gift Baskets or purely to indulge in our exquisite Eid date fudge chocolates and nut-filled dates, we have you covered!

Eid Business Gifts, Office gifts and Eid employee giveaways

The perfect Eid gift to express gratitude this Eid-al-Adha! An Eid office party and/or an Eid dinner is incomplete without a sweet return gift. Don't worry! Chocobrosia has you covered with stunning yet affordable Eid Date Gifts & chocolate gift boxes.

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