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Founded not long ago, Chocobrosia came into existence to amalgamate Artisan chocolates and Gifting in Dubai.  Each chocolate is handmade in small-batches with the finest couverture chocolate, freshly roasted nuts, home-ground spices and luscious fillings.

Our luxury range of chocolates boasts of premium quality and is a vision to behold.
Each piece we produce is concept-driven and uniquely shaped with gourmet flavors that encapsulate divine desserts in a delectable bite.

We also emphasize on small-batch production, freshly produced daily as we do not use preservatives or alcohol to extend the life of the chocolates. Also, our chocolates are completely eggless!

We offer a varied selection of Superlative Packaging options in the form of Luxury Gift Boxes and High-End Gift Hampers nestling within them our handmade gourmet chocolate creations.



Best Chocolates in Dubai
Mint Chocolate Chip

Refreshing mint infused white chocolate ganache with chocolate chips cradled in a dark chocolate shell adorned with a mint leaf.

Best Chocolates in Dubai
Almond Croissant

Indeed an 'almond croissant' encapsulating a creamy ganache with roasted almond pieces.

Best Chocolates in Dubai

Smooth chocolate-coffee cream surrounded by milk chocolate and generously sprinkled with cocoa powder.

Corporate Gifting in Dubai

Luxury Chocolate Gift Boxes, Customized Corporate Gift Hampers and Corporate Event Giveaways are a perfect way to connect with your Business associates at a personal level.



Wedding Chocolates in Dubai

A wedding is a sweet beginning to a whole new chapter in one’s life and we curate unique chocolate wedding favors that will enthrall your guests and loved ones!

Baby Announcements and Baby Showers in Dubai

The arrival of your little bundle of joy should be fondly remembered. We offer a range of baby pink and baby blue gifting options to celebrate your little one with unique chocolate baby favors!

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In Greek mythology, ambrosia was the food of the Gods. It was considered to bestow fine health and immortality upon those who consumed it. Ambrosia was also closely associated with nectar, another form of sustenance for the Gods.
It was further believed that ambrosia was only meant for divine beings.


Best Chocolates in Dubai
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Best Chocolates in Dubai
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