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Celebrate your special occasions with our exquisite collection of artisan chocolates!

Every piece is designed by hand, made in small batches with fresh nuts and fillings to encapsulate a concept.

The gift boxes are varied in terms of design and capacity. However, what remains unchanged is our exclusive range of chocolates, uniquely designed and handmade to perfection.

We strongly believe that Chocobrosia would be the ideal gifting partner for your corporate needs, event giveaways and personal celebrations.

Exclusive Corporate Gifting & Branding available.

Eid And Ramadan 

Star Hanging.png

Looking for Eid Gift Ideas?

Our exclusive collection has been designed with the finest dates and nuts, adding a traditional dimension to our chocolate offerings. 


Christmas and New Year 

Blue Snow Flake - NO BG.png
Blue Snow Flake - NO BG.png
Blue Snow Flake - NO BG.png
Lotus Crunch - 3232_edited.jpg

Looking for Christmas Gift Ideas?

Caramelized pecan, cinnamon, peppermint, and all things Christmas!
Our winter collection is a celebration of everything festive and will create a harmony of merriness on your palate.

Blue Snow Flake - NO BG.png
Blue Snow Flake - NO BG.png
Blue Snow Flake - NO BG.png


Chocolate Dessert

Looking for Diwali Gift Ideas?

Our Diwali Chocolate collection is a dazzling display of Indian flavors, complete with the Gold-leaf embellished 72% dark chocolate bonbon, cardamom flavored cashew kulfi, bright and colorful Rangoli chocolate, almond & pistachio crusted nut platters… and so much more!

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