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Corporate Giveaways and Business Gift Ideas

Black Chocolate Gift Box with 10 handmade gourmet chocolates for corporate gifts, personal gifts, Eid Gifts, Diwali Gifts, Christmas Gifts, Chinese New Year Gifts & Wedding Gifts

Business and corporate gifting in the Middle East is a common practice; it is a way to show your clients and even your employees how important they are to you, how much you value their business and their support, and are tokens of appreciation that last in the minds of your recipients for years to come.

Be the employee giveaways, gifts for clients, gifts for office staff or even gifts for your business partners, you definitely are looking to make an impression on your recipients. Check out the below list and find out what the best corporate gifts are.

When it comes to corporate gifting, the options are endless and the impact can be significant. Employee giveaways not only show appreciation but also boost morale and loyalty within the team. Gifts for clients are a great way to strengthen relationships and show gratitude for their business. Additionally, selecting the perfect gifts for business partners can help solidify partnerships and foster long-lasting collaborations. From personalized chocolates to customized gift hampers, there are numerous options available at Chocobrosia to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether it's a high-end executive gift or a thoughtful token of appreciation, the gesture itself speaks volumes about your company's values and commitment to building meaningful connections.

Exploring the curated list below can provide inspiration and guidance on selecting the best corporate gifts for various occasions. Remember, the goal is not just to give a gift, but to create a memorable experience that resonates with the recipients and reflects positively on your brand.

Great Corporate Gifts

Customized Chocolate Gift Hampers

A perfect option for luxury corporate gifts, gift hampers never fail to make a big impression. Highly curated to suit every occasion and corporate event, Gift Hampers are a go-to choice for business gifts.

Customized Chocolate or Branded Gifts

Businesses aiming to create a stronger impact often select a premium gifting partner that provides personalized gifting choices. By incorporating their logo and corporate colors into luxury gifts, businesses can ensure that they leave a lasting impression on the recipients.

Customized Chocolate Gift Boxes

Chocolates have been the go-to corporate gifting option for businesses for decades. The most common business gift option, chocolates are synonymous with corporate gifts, and never fail to leave a sweet impression in recipients minds. However, businesses need to ensure they partner with a quality chocolate boutique. They need to ensure their chocolate boutique is using quality, real chocolate, else their recipients will be left with a not-so-sweet impression of the gifting business.


While flowers are not a traditional corporate gifting option, when coupled with other gifts such as gift baskets and chocolate gift boxes, make for a thoughtful and memorable gift. Businesses might opt to steer clear of roses and opt for alternative corporate floral arrangements that represent a mixed bouquet.

Bespoke Corporate Gifting in Dubai

From its humble beginnings in 2015, Chocobrosia has grown to become UAE's premium corporate gifting partner. Our range of personalized business gifts and corporate giveaways are sure to fill your recipients with awe, and leave a lasting impression in their minds.

We start with choosing the highest quality couverture Belgian chocolate, ensuring that everything you and your recipients receive is preservative-free, alcohol free and eggless. Our internationally-trained artisans have perfected the art of chocolate making to ensure your corporate gifting experience is luxurious, tailored, personalized, and unique. With our variety of flavors, packaging and add-ons, our corporate chocolate business gifts are meticulously and beautifully packaged to ensure your recipients receive a velvety, rich box of pure indulgence.

At Chocobrosia Chocolatier, you can choose from our range of bestselling chocolates specially packed for corporate giveaways and business gifts for clients, employees, business partners and more. We further offer an array of bulk volume discounts and a variety of pricing options to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for.

Our corporate gifting team is always available to walk you through our vast corporate gifting options which include premium boxes filled with artisan Belgian chocolates, and most importantly, a plethora of customization options. Choose from:

  • adding your business's logo to the boxes

  • adding your business's logo to actual pieces of chocolate

  • customized chocolate slabs that can include your corporate logo and personal message

  • customized tags for each box

  • customized ribbon matching your theme and corporate colors

  • special themed chocolates based on your event or occasion

Placing an order for corporate chocolate gifts with Chocobrosia is easy!


Handmade Gourmet Chocolates

Handmade couverture chocolates in Dubai made with real Belgium chocolate.
Mint Chocolate Chip

Refreshing mint infused white chocolate ganache with chocolate chips cradled in a dark chocolate shell adorned with a mint leaf.

Handmade couverture chocolates in Dubai made with real Belgium chocolate.
Almond Croissant

Indeed an 'almond croissant' encapsulating a creamy ganache with roasted almond pieces.

Handmade couverture chocolates in Dubai made with real Belgium chocolate.
Mocha Chocolate

Smooth chocolate-coffee cream surrounded by milk chocolate and generously sprinkled with cocoa powder.


We indulge our clients in an experience of tasteful luxury and delectable chocolate with our Luxury Corporate Gifting ideas. Handcrafted in Dubai and curated with elegance, our chocolate gifts make the perfect Employee Giveaways, Client Gifts, Office gifts, promotional giveaways for your events and business associates.


Leave an ever-lasting impression on your Business Associates with our Customized Gift Boxes and Chocolate Gift Hampers. Our personalized chocolate gifts can feature your branding/logo/artwork on the boxes, ribbons, or better still – on the chocolate itself!

Gifting for Occasions

Ramadan Gift box with 10 dates for Ramadan gifting, Iftar Gifting, Corporate Gifting and Eid Gifting.
Ramadan Gift Boxes

Embark upon a gourmet journey to discover the perfect Ramadan Gifts with our Ramadan chocolates, Iftar date boxes, luxury Ramadan Gift Hampers and more!

Eid Gift box with dates and chocolates for Eid gifting, corporate gifting and customized Eid gifting in Dubai
Eid Gift Boxes

Celebrate Eid with Chocobrosia’s tasteful Eid Gifts in Dubai. Chocobrosia has crafted a wide range of  Eid Chocolate Gift Boxes which are a blend of artisan indulgence and traditional gifting.

Best Diwali Hampers in Dubai with chocolates and dried fruits for corporate gifting and Diwali gifting.
Diwali Gift Boxes

 If all you want is the extravagance of exceptionally delicious chocolate, then look towards our Luxury Diwali Chocolate Gift Boxes & Diwali Hampers.

Valentine Gift Boxes

Bask in the romance of Valentine’s day by gifting your special someone an exquisite box of Valentine chocolates. Our valentine collection is a celebration of love that will make the perfect valentine gift!

Valentine’s Day chocolate box with heart chocolates. Best Valentine Chocolates in Dubai for corporate gifting and personal gifting
Customized Chocolate gifts for baby showers, baby announcements, new born gifts.
Baby Shower Gifts

Celebrate the arrival of your little one with Chocobrosia's elegant gift boxes.

Christmas chocolate box with 36 Christmas chocolates for Christmas gifting, corporate gifting and New Year gifting.
Christmas Gift Boxes

 Chocobrosia has crafted a wide range of luxury Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes and Christmas hampers which are a blend of artisan indulgence and festive cheer.

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