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Valentine Chocolate Gifts & Valentine Gift Hampers

Shop handmade Chocolates in Dubai by Chocobrosia Chocolatier

Gifting is an opportunity to express gratitude and affection whilst making a statement of grandeur and elegance like no other.

As you enter our Valentine shop , you will discover all our chocolate gift box collections, which have been aesthetically curated to make your loved one's feel special.

We pride ourselves on being true Artisan Chocolatiers. Each chocolate is created to give you an experience worth cherishing. We use the finest real (couverture) chocolate, fillings, and freshly roasted nuts and spices.

The beauty of REAL chocolate is that it melts! This is because of the presence of cocoa butter, and not hydrogenated fats (a common practice in the industry).

Our commitment - no preservatives, no alcohol, no chemicals/artificial additives to extend the shelf-life.

Zip/Postal Code for UAE - 00000
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    Valentine Gift Ideas in Dubai, UAE

    The beauty of Valentine's Day is the feeling of love and romance engulfing your very being.

    The difficult part is the pressure to find the perfect valentine gift for him / perfect valentine gift for her! Now that's where Chocobrosia Dubai steps in to bring you an interesting offering of delectable artisan chocolate this Valentine.

    Order Online to send Valentine's Day Chocolates in Dubai

    Our chocolatier has done more than just add chocolate hearts into your special valentine chocolate gift. What they have done is to create a specially curated Valentine menu that boasts of unique flavors and gorgeous valentine chocolate designs. From maple caramelized pecan fillings, apricot and cranberry crusted mendiants, little chocolate bowed gifts and more, your valentine chocolate box will be a memorable romantic gift!

    Best Valentine Day Gift for Him

    Classic, traditional and thoughtful, chocolates are an ideal valentine day gift idea for your beloved. A special valentine day gift for him is just a click away!

    Best Valentine Day Gift for Her

    If you are looking for the perfect valentine day gift for her, look no further! Order now with Chocobrosia, to receive a delectable box of love in the form of our handmade Valentine’s day chocolates.

    Send Valentine's Day Gifts Online in Dubai, UAE

    We at Chocobrosia love the idea of love! And Valentine's Day is that special moment when you can speak through chocolate and flowers! Send valentine day chocolates to your beloved in Dubai. Our delightful chocolate hearts and hand-made valentine chocolate bonbons will bring a smile on your partner’s face.

    Order now and have it delivered on 14th Feb!

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