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Valentine's Day unique chocolate gifts

Valentine’s Day chocolate box with Belgian chocolates for corporate gifting, Valentine’s day gifts for her, Valentine Gifts for him
Valentine’s Day chocolate box

Valentine's Day puts the pressure on everyone to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Universally, the most common gifts are flowers and boxes of chocolate. Well, what if the chocolates and the boxes that house them actually included your loved one's name? Or your company's name? Or any special message you wish to add?

Unique chocolate gifts for Valentine's Day

That's the beauty of Chocobrosia's chocolates! We take the most common gift - the chocolate - and take it to a brand new level with unique and personal customization options to make your recipients feel truly loved. Our finest gourmet chocolates already boast unique flavors that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else; the additional element of completely personalizing the messaging on the boxes and on the chocolates give it that sophistication and uniqueness that will make your loved one feel truly special.

Valentine's Day chocolate gifts for employees

Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion to show appreciation to your employees and strengthen the bond within the workplace. Chocolate gifts are a classic choice that never fails to bring joy and warmth to the hearts of recipients. By gifting chocolates to your employees, you not only express your gratitude for their hard work and dedication but also create a positive and uplifting atmosphere in the office. You can opt for a variety of chocolates such as truffles, pralines, or gourmet chocolate bars to cater to different tastes. Personalizing the gifts with thoughtful notes or custom packaging adds a special touch that will be remembered and appreciated. The sweetness of the chocolates mirrors the sweetness of your appreciation, making it a memorable gesture that will be cherished by your employees.

Order personalized Valentine's Day chocolate gifts

Gift your loved ones something that they will always remember - a completely personalized Valentine's Day gift. Place your orders today.


Handmade Gourmet Chocolates

Handmade couverture chocolates in Dubai made with real Belgium chocolate.
Mint Chocolate Chip

Refreshing mint infused white chocolate ganache with chocolate chips cradled in a dark chocolate shell adorned with a mint leaf.

Handmade couverture chocolates in Dubai made with real Belgium chocolate.
Almond Croissant

Indeed an 'almond croissant' encapsulating a creamy ganache with roasted almond pieces.

Handmade couverture chocolates in Dubai made with real Belgium chocolate.
Mocha Chocolate

Smooth chocolate-coffee cream surrounded by milk chocolate and generously sprinkled with cocoa powder.


We indulge our clients in an experience of tasteful luxury and delectable chocolate with our Luxury Corporate Gifting ideas. Handcrafted in Dubai and curated with elegance, our chocolate gifts make the perfect Employee Giveaways, Client Gifts, Office gifts, promotional giveaways for your events and business associates.


Leave an ever-lasting impression on your Business Associates with our Customized Gift Boxes and Chocolate Gift Hampers. Our personalized chocolate gifts can feature your branding/logo/artwork on the boxes, ribbons, or better still – on the chocolate itself!

Gifting for Occasions

Ramadan Gift box with 10 dates for Ramadan gifting, Iftar Gifting, Corporate Gifting and Eid Gifting.
Ramadan Gift Boxes

Embark upon a gourmet journey to discover the perfect Ramadan Gifts with our Ramadan chocolates, Iftar date boxes, luxury Ramadan Gift Hampers and more!

Eid Gift box with dates and chocolates for Eid gifting, corporate gifting and customized Eid gifting in Dubai
Eid Gift Boxes

Celebrate Eid with Chocobrosia’s tasteful Eid Gifts in Dubai. Chocobrosia has crafted a wide range of  Eid Chocolate Gift Boxes which are a blend of artisan indulgence and traditional gifting.

Best Diwali Hampers in Dubai with chocolates and dried fruits for corporate gifting and Diwali gifting.
Diwali Gift Boxes

 If all you want is the extravagance of exceptionally delicious chocolate, then look towards our Luxury Diwali Chocolate Gift Boxes & Diwali Hampers.

Valentine Gift Boxes

Bask in the romance of Valentine’s day by gifting your special someone an exquisite box of Valentine chocolates. Our valentine collection is a celebration of love that will make the perfect valentine gift!

Valentine’s Day chocolate box with heart chocolates. Best Valentine Chocolates in Dubai for corporate gifting and personal gifting
Customized Chocolate gifts for baby showers, baby announcements, new born gifts.
Baby Shower Gifts

Celebrate the arrival of your little one with Chocobrosia's elegant gift boxes.

Christmas chocolate box with 36 Christmas chocolates for Christmas gifting, corporate gifting and New Year gifting.
Christmas Gift Boxes

 Chocobrosia has crafted a wide range of luxury Christmas Chocolate Gift Boxes and Christmas hampers which are a blend of artisan indulgence and festive cheer.

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